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Team Ice Forum Rules

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Team Ice Forum Rules Empty Team Ice Forum Rules

Post by CaptainAmerica on April 10th 2013, 9:19 pm

Your Team Ice account:

You are responsible for everything associated with your account; keep your personal information and media that you display on this site within reason. You should refrain from including pornographic, excessively graphic, or violent media as well as any depictions or discussions of illegal activity.

You must be 13 or older to use this site. If you aren't, make sure to come back when you are!

General Things You Shouldn't Do:

The rules are pretty simple - Don't do something on the lists below and you probably won't ever realize that any rules exist. If you do something on these lists, you may be banned for a duration specified at the banning staff member's discretion:

- Post offensive remarks about race, religion, sex, nationality, sexual orientation, etc...;
- Post offensive remarks toward other site users;
- Post private information regarding other users without their consent;
- Circumvent word filters; (we don't have any...yet)
- Bait staff or other users; deliberately try to test site rules;
- Post pornographic or graphic content;
- Disrespect staff members / Uncivilly argue with staff members / Impersonate staff members;
- Ignore any forum ban or ban evade;
- Excessively post or post low-content messages;
- Request or provide links to illegal content, i.e. music, warez, etc....

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Team Ice Forum Rules Captain_America_signature_by_Mario4452
Stars and Stripes!

Team Ice Forum Rules 2z7Ul
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Team Ice Administrator

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